URA Thesis Award Recipients

The Thesis Award Recipients

The 2018 URA Thesis Award goes to Simon Samuroff (The University of Manchester) for his thesis titled “Systematic Biases in Weak Lensing Cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey.” Thesis Advisor: Sarah Bridle

The 2017 URA Thesis Award went to Leonidas Aliaga Soplin (The College of William and Mary) for his thesis titled “Neutrino Flux Prediction for the NuMI Beamline.”  Thesis Advisor: Michael Kordosky.

URA leadership presents 2016 URA Thesis Award to Daniel GrunThe 2016 URA Thesis Award went to Daniel Grün (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich) for his thesis titled “Studies in weak gravitational lensing on the Dark Energy Survey.” Thesis Advisor: Stella Seitz and Ralf Bender.

The 2015 URA Thesis Award went to Samuel Dylan McDermott (University of Michigan) for his thesis titled “Ratcheting up the Search for Dark Matter.” Thesis Advisor: Kathryn Zurek.
The 2014 URA Thesis Award went to Joseph Grange (University of Florida) for his thesis titled “First Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino Charged Current Quasielastic Double-Differential Cross-Section.”  Thesis Advisor: Heather Ray.