2024 SPARC Participants

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URA is pleased to announce the outstanding graduate students who participated in the 2024 SPARC: Science Policy & Advocacy Research Competition. 

Chanelle Hunter, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Recent graduate with a doctorate in Cancer Biology, her research focused on the development of novel imaging tools to assist in guiding predictive diagnostics. As a scientist from a marginalized background with an interest in Artificial Intelligence and its application in healthcare, she is interested in policies around AI application and regulation.
Satwik Dutta, University of Texas, Dallas
Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering, working on developing speech technology for early childhood language intervention with a goal to assist parents, teachers, caregivers, and practitioners to help mitigate challenges in language development in children.
Rosa Rossi-Goldthorpe , Yale University
PhD candidate in Neuroscience, focused on computational modeling of decision-making and how psychopathology impacts these processes.
Becca Blyn, University of Washington
Second-year Ph.D. student in Pathobiology, studying the immune response in the liver to the parasite that causes malaria, with the eventual goal of developing effective malaria vaccines. Outside of the lab, Becca also has strong interests in science communication and science policy.
Lidia Komondy, Cornell University
PS Nandini, UC Berkeley
Laura Belmont, University of Washington
Daniela Cala, Indiana University
Elizabeth DiLoreto, Worchester Polytechnic Institute
Kassandra Fernandez, University of Florida
Kaushal Kalfe, University of Texas, Dallas
Anvita Komarla, UC Sand Diego
Monique Noel Image, Michigan State University
Monserrat Orozco, University of New Mexico
Marcela Strane, University of Houston
Jillian Walton, University of Tennessee
Martha Christiano, University of Michigan
Marcela Strane, University of Houston
Mayson Whipple, Michigan State University