URA Staff

Dr. John C. Mester
URA President & CEO

Ted M. Wackler
Vice President & Secretary

Mary H. Egger
General Counsel

Dr. David Schultz
Director, URA Sandia Site Office

Dr. Claudette Rosado-Reyes
Director, Programs & Partnerships

Dr. Cindy Achat-Mendes
Director, STEM Initiatives

Neeti Kaur
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Tigi Gebeyehu
Senior Finance & Operations Analyst

Lourdes Garcia-Ruiz
Senior Program Associate

Rhonda Gudger
Administrative Assistant

Davetta Trujillo
Business & Finance Manager, URA Sandia Site Office

Dr. Kimberly Schramm
Research Analyst, URA Sandia Site Office

Linda Absher
Senior Administrative Assistant, URA Sandia Site Office

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DOE-SC Diversity Mission

Fermilab is a 2023 RENEW Awardee

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At the Smithsonian Castle

Fermilab and URA Empower Future Young Leaders through Science Policy Engagements

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