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The URA Engineering Award is one of the honorary awards conferred annually by the Universities Research Association (URA). This award recognizes exceptional and outstanding contributions to the advancement of all fields of engineering. The work for which the award is made must be conducted by an engineer at Fermilab or in collaboration with Fermilab technical staff, scientists, and engineers.  The awardee has shown outstanding character and leadership and has accomplished meaningful work for Fermilab and Society.

The URA Engineering Award is presented at the June Fermilab Users Meeting.

The awardee will receive $10,000 from URA and present their work at the Users Meeting.


All engineer staff and researchers at Fermilab or URA member institutions who have completed an engineering degree (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) are eligible. The work for which the award is made must be conducted by an engineer at Fermilab or in collaboration with Fermilab technical staff, scientists, and engineers. The work that may be experimental, theoretical, or a contribution to instrumentation, computing, technology, or innovation.


  1. Name and title of the nominator. Self-nominations are welcome.
  2. Nominee’s CV, including invited talks and publications.
  3. List of outreach, mentoring, community, and leadership engagement activities.
  4. Two support letters. None of the letters must come from the nominee under any circumstances, including self-nominations.
  5. Statement, by the nominator, 4 pages max, describing research/technical work and demonstrating engineering insight and creativity.
  6. Statement, 250 words max, highlighting the work’s direct benefit to Fermilab’s mission.

Nominations must be submitted to ura-engineering@fnal.gov by Friday, April 7, 2023. All nomination material should be sent in electronic form, .pdf preferably.

Call for Nominations

The call for nominations will be issued on February 10th by the Award Committee Chair, FNAL CRO, and URA.

Notification Process

By May 1st, the committee chair will inform URA and the CRO of the selected awardee and will subsequently inform the award recipient.

Engineering Award Committee

The URA Engineering Award Committee members reflect a sufficiently diverse representation of disciplines and expertise to ensure eligible nominees’ appropriate and fair consideration.   The members and chair of the award committee are appointed by the Fermilab Director/CRO.

Mayling L. Wong-Squires, Principal Engineer representing AcceleratorsCo-ChairFermilab
Jamieson T. Olsen, Principal Engineer representing Particle PhysicsChairFermilab
Tug Arkan, Senior Principal Engineer representing APSTDMemberFermilab
Gustavo Cancelo, Senior Principal Engineer representing Computational Science/AIMemberFermilab
Silvia Zorzetti, Senior Engineer representing Emerging Technologies/QuantumMemberFermilab